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Sometimes a few spoilers are necessary to properly discuss the content of the movie

When an alien race called the boov need a new Home, they relocate the humans on earth and populate it themselves.  In the chaos of the relocation, human Tip is separated from her mother and left to live among the boov.  She runs into an outcast boov called Oh, and they reluctantly team up to both save the planet and find Tip’s mom.

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Oh is an outcast amongst his fellow boov (who all strive to act the same way) because he is different, and throughout the movie he learns that being different is a good thing.  Differences between the boov and humans are also highlighted frequently to draw more attention to this message.  This is something that's woven throughout the movie but not explicitly summarized, so you may have to discuss it with your children for them to notice it.

There's also a secondary message of not giving up despite tough circumstances / being brave that is explicitly mentioned on a couple occasions.

Not judging a book by its cover is also a weak general theme.


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There are no swear words used in this movie.

Home - Fears


When the boov come to earth they abruptly drill holes into all the human’s houses, capture them, and relocate them.  This leaves Tip separated from her mother, and her emotions (mostly sad and mad) on the topic are explicitly mentioned throughout the movie.

Gorg, the boov’s enemy, could possibly be seen as scary; but they also aren’t depicted often and their scenes are short.  When they finally do have a longer scene, the viewer is already starting to question if they’re even bad guys at all.

There are no storms, fires, clowns, scary darkness, or strong villains.

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Family & Relationships

While no one dies, Tip is separated from her mother at the beginning of the movie and she spends the entire time trying to find her.  There’s also some focus on Tip’s grief emotions as she misses her mom, including a discussion about being sad and mad simultaneously.

Oh doesn’t fit in as a boov and is constantly reminded of it.

There’s no divorce, sexual content, sneaking out, or running away.

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Other Content

Home includes aliens and basic alien technology like flying saucers and anti-gravity.

One boov (that doesn’t speak, but sounds male when it grunts in surprise) is surprised by a makeover / glitter trap that turns them into what looks like a girl in a glitter dress with a glitter bra as a hat.  This boov shows up at the end of the movie still looking the same way.  It is a constant theme of the movie that boov aren’t aware of human customs or items (eating footballs, wearing a grill as a hat, etc.), so the boov isn’t out of character for the movie, but your children will notice the presumably male boov is proud of its odd wardrobe.

There’s a few instances of mild cartoon violence, like getting hit by a car door or kicked in the face.  Being “erased” (presumably the equivalent of “killed”) is mentioned several times and the characters actively try to avoid getting erased by blob shooting pistols.

The boov speak English, but make many mistakes, so their speech flirts the line with sounding like a toddler at times.  You're either going to find it hilarious or very annoying, and children could end up confused occasionally.

At the end of the movie when everything is falling apart there's a building intense feeling, but it doesn't last long nor get terribly intense before things are righted again.

There is no strong violence, time travel, politics, evolution, LGBT, or religion.

Home - Content Review


Kids will love Home for its many silly moments and catchy music.  There's not much content for parents to object to; however, some adults may find listening to the boov talk, especially Oh, personally annoying at times.


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