29+ LGBT Kid's Shows

29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Picture of LGBT characters from Blues Clues, Chip and Potato, and Princess Power

LGBT content in a kid's show is a deal-breaker for most parents.  So here's a list of 29 kid's shows to avoid, and a brief description of the LGBT content within them.  If there's a children's show that has LGBT content and it isn't on this list, please reach out to me on social media so I can add it.

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Why it's a Deal-Breaker

It is the parent's responsibility to explain sexuality to their children when they're old enough.  Additionally, the parents will explain it in a way that aligns with their family's values.  The appropriate time for this discussion is in the teenage years, since that's when the desire for a romantic relationship begins.  Sexuality isn't relevant to younger children, nor is it an appropriate topic.

Including LGBT content in children's media (shows, movies, books, video games, etc.) exposes children to sexual topics at an age much younger than they should be, disregards the parent's role, and ignores the family's values.  Additionally, it's common practice for the creators to NOT warn parents when children's media has LGBT content.  When this happens parental consent is bypassed, which is especially dubious when the LGBT content was intentionally obscured.  For example many children's shows wait until several successful seasons have aired before including the LGBT content they have been planning since the show's conception.  Presumably this is done with the hopes that parents feel comfortable allowing their children to watch new seasons alone, meaning a child could view the LGBT content multiple times before their parents found out about it.  Given this information, many parents classify LGBT content in kid's media as grooming.

Unfortunately, LGBT content is being injected into kid's shows at such an alarming rate that I can't review them all.  But since simply including LGBT content at all is a deal-breaker to most parents, I think this list of shows to avoid is an acceptable alternative.

Kid's Shows With LGBT Content

Update 7/11/2024

Coming Soon: You can find an updated list with 100+ LGBT Kid's shows here.

Update 8/4/2023

Added 5 shows; this brings the total up to 34 shows.  7 are on Netflix, 21 on Amazon Prime, 14 on Disney+, and 18 on Hulu (which is owned by Disney).

29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Ada Twist, Scientist - Picture of a gay wedding

1. Ada Twist, Scientist

Rated TV-Y
There's an entire episode about the children saving the day at a gay wedding.  At the end of the episode is the wedding ceremony which includes the gay men saying vows, kissing, messily sharing their cake, and dancing together. 
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Adventure Time - Picture of lesbians Princess Bubblegum and Marceline kissing

2. Adventure Time

Rated TV-PG
Recurring characters Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen are lesbians.  They profess their love to one another and kiss in the series finale.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Amphibia - Picture of a trans character

3. Amphibia

Rated TV-Y7
Most of the LGBT content in this show seems to be subtle, like a small LGBT flag hidden in the scene.  The show's creator has said certain characters are LGBT.  Those LGBT characters are voiced by LGBT voice actors.  The creator even said one of the character's colors were chosen based on their gender identity's flag.  It doesn't sound like a character's LGBT status is specifically mentioned during the show.  In 2023 Disney+ was including this show in their pride month category.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Arthur - Picture of the children's teacher, Mr. Ratburn, getting married to a gay man

4. Arthur

Rated TV-Y
The children's teacher, Mr. Ratburn, gets married to a man and the children attend the wedding.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Baymax! - Picture of a trans character

5. Baymax!

Rated TV-G
When Baymax is shopping for a girl's first menstrual pads, a transgender character recommends their favorite.  In another episode a male nervously asks another male out on a date.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Blues Cluse & You! - Picture of a drag queen hosting a pride parade that includes a child with transition surgery scars

6. Blues Clues & You!

Rated TV-Y
The Blues Clues & You! YouTube channel has a song led by a drag queen in a pride parade. The song has phrases like "two daddies", "trans members of this family", and "ace, bi and pan".  As the drag queen sings in the foreground, LGBT animal characters ride by on floats in the background.  There are young animals on the floats, including a young beaver with scars from breast reduction surgery.  A second video has several small children talking about pride month.  One of the kids goes over the different LGBT flags, another talks about his two moms, and a third mentions her two dads.  Participating in pride parades is also encouraged.  In a video on the Nikelodeon YouTube channel, a song led by the same drag queen goes over the meaning of the colors on the pride flag.

29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Bug Diaries - Picture of two lesbian moms

7. Bug Diaries

Rated TV-Y
Worm, who appears to be a main character, has 2 moms.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Chip and Potato - Picture of a family with two gay dads

8. Chip and Potato

Rated TV-Y
When they move into the neighborhood, Chip greets a zebra family consisting of 2 small children and 2 gay men.  I think they show up as background characters in other episodes.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Clifford The Big Red Dog (Reboot) - Picture of Samantha and her lesbian moms

9. Cliffford The Big Red Dog (Reboot)

Rated TV-Y
Samantha, the main character's friend, has two moms.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Craig of the Creek - Picture of two teen girls, Tabitha and Courtney, kissing

10. Craig of The Creek 

Rated TV-Y7
This show appears to have several lesbian characters.  In one episode two teen witches are conducting a seance when when the lights go out; when the lights come back on they are shown kissing.

29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Dino Ranch - Picture of two dad dinosaurs and a baby dinosaur

11. Dino Ranch

Rated TV-Y
In one episode, the children learn that two male T-rex dinosaurs have stones in a nest that they pretend are eggs.  So the children bring them a T-rex egg from their hatchery because "they want to make a family with it just like ma and pa did with us". 
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Doc McStuffins - Picture of lesbian moms holding a baby

12. Doc McStuffins

Rated TV-Y
One episode features a lesbian couple and their two children.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Dragons The Nine Realms - Picture of Alex with her two lesbian moms

13. Dragons: The Nine Realms

Rated TV-G
Alex, a main character, has lesbian parents.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Firebuds - Picture of 2 gay dads and 2 lesbian moms

14. Firebuds

Rated TV-Y
One of the main characters has lesbian parents and another has gay parents.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Gravity Falls - Picture of two male characters looking at each other while profesisng their love

15. Gravity Falls

Rated TV-Y7
In the season finale two male park rangers say they're madly in love.  In 2023 Disney+ was including this episode in their pride month category. 
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Highschool Musical: The Musical: The Series - Picture of 2 gay teens dancing

16. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Rated TV-PG
This show has a gay teen relationship that includes things like going to homecoming together and writing a love song. 
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous - Picture of two teen lesbians about to kiss

17. Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

Rated TV-PG
After slowly building as the show progressed, in the final season two teenage main characters finally profess their lesbian love for each other.  They kiss and the relationship is celebrated with cheering support from the other main characters.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Kiya & The Kimoja Heroes - Picture of lesbian moms holding each other

18. Kiya & The Kimoja Heroes

Rated TV-Y
Two of the main characters have lesbian moms, and their anniversary is celebrated.

29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Picture of what appears to be a man in a woman's wig

19. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Rated TV-Y7
The creator has mentioned that several characters are LGBT and in 2023 Disney+ was including this show in their pride month category.  However, it seems like the show implements those characters very subtly.  Parents should keep in mind that future episodes may not be as subtle. 
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Not Quite Narwhal - Picture of Ollie and her dad with kelp off to the side

20. Not Quite Narwhal

Rated TV-Y
One of the main characters is a clearly girl unicorn named Ollie.  Her father refers to her as his son and calls her a him.  A narwhal says they received a map from their two moms. 

29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Peppa Pig - Picture of two lesbian polar bear moms

21. Peppa Pig

Rated TV-Y
In one episode a little polar bear explains that she has two mommys.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Princess Power - Picture of two gay dads and their daughter

22. Princess Power

Rated TV-Y
One of the main characters has two gay dads.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Ridley Jones - Picture of two gay dads and their daughter

23. Ridley Jones

Rated TV-Y
Season 5 Episode 8 is dedicated to a main character coming out as non-binary to their grandma, including explaining non-binary for the preschool children watching.  This episode sparked soo much backlash with parents that Netflix canceled all future seasons and holiday specials; however the first 5 Seasons are still up on Netflix.  In Season 1 it is revealed that a main character has 2 gay dads. 
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Sesame Street - Picture of two gay dads

24. Sesame Street

Rated TV-Y
In 2021 Sesame Street had a "family day" episode where they introduced a family with two gay dads.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Picture with lesbian and gay couples kissing in the background

25. Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Rated TV-Y7
One scene has gay and lesbian couples kissing in the background.  In another episode a recurring character named Jackie returns with a girlfriend (she previously dated the male main character).
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures - Picture of two lesbian moms

26. Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures

Rated TV-Y
Nash, the only non-Jedi main character, has 2 moms.  She mentions them often, and they appear in one episode. You can read this show's series content review here.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Steven Universe - Picture of Ruby and Sapphire kissing at their wedding

27. Steven Universe

Rated  TV-PG
Steven plans and officiates his friend's lesbian wedding.

29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City - Picture of a dress colored the same as the trangender flag and later worn by a transgender character

28. Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City

Rated TV-Y
A transgender character calls themself a "transberry" while wearing a dress that is colored like the trans flag.  This character appears in several episodes and is voiced by a drag queen.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Super Kitties - Picture of two gay duck fathers and their two ducklings

29. Super Kitties

Rated TV-Y
Two gay ducks call on the Super Kitties to save the day when their baby ducklings' swimming fountain is overrun by bubbles.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - The Dragon Prince - Picture of two lesbians kissing

30. The Dragon Prince

Rated TV-Y7
There's many instances of LGBT kissing, plus a lesbian engagement and a character coming out as trans.  For more information you can read my series content review here; it has an entire section dedicated to the LGBT content in this show.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - The Owl House - Picture of two teen lesbians kissing

31. The Owl House

Rated TV-Y7-FV
The main character is a lesbian and shares a kiss with another female main character.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder - Picture of two gay dads kissing

32. The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder 

Rated TV-PG
An entire episode is dedicated to the acceptance of two gay dads.  Initially everyone thinks it's weird, but eventually the main character is able to push everyone into acceptance.  In one scene a girl asks who the dad really is, having been introduced to both but not piecing it together yet, after which she is scolded for even asking.  In another scene a man is denied a loan at the bank after being in silent shock when he witnesses the gay men kissing.  His loan is finally approved after he apologizes and his daughter sticks up for the gay banker's children, because "us brothers we really gotta stick together".  Finally, one of the main character's best friends, a recurring character named Michael Collins, is gay and has pink hair.  
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Transformers: Earthspark - Picture of children with transformers

 33. Transformers: EarthSpark

Rated TV-Y
A child explains what non-binary is to a robot, and they both say they identify as non-binary.  In another scene they explain non-binary pronouns to a second robot.
29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - We Baby Bears - Picture of two characters discussing they/them pronouns

34. We Baby Bears

Rated TV-Y7
They/them pronouns are discussed in a recent episode that has two non-binary characters, one of which seems to be in several other episodes.

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29+ LGBT Kid's Shows - Picture of a gay wedding

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