Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures - Series Content Review

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures - Series Content Review - Picture of Kai (lightsaber out), Lys, and Nubs surprised

Young Jedi Adventures is a Star Wars show made for little children.  It focuses on the adventures of three Jedi younglings named Kai, Nubs, and Lys, along with their young pilot friend Nash.  This review is for Season 1's seven episodes (with 2 adventures per episode) that are on the Disney+ and Disney Junior platforms.

This content review will contain spoilers when they are relevant.

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As is common with shows for this age bracket, every episode of the Young Jedi Adventures has at least one lesson for children to learn. Typically the lessons are explained in the beginning, then one of the children doesn't heed the advice so they have to learn the hard way, and by the end they've clearly stated how they were wrong and what they should have done instead.  Everything always works out fine in the end, but there's clearly unnecessary headache in the middle due to ignoring the advice.

Lessons about friendship, not going too fast, helping others, patience, and not getting distracted are common.  Other lessons on basic children's topics like sharing, cheating, teamwork, and being afraid are also covered.

Additionally, a crew of pirates and thieves led by a child named Taborr is in several episodes, and they're used for lessons about doing good and fighting.  Two episodes teach that while Taborr's actions are currently bad, he's still a human being who should be treated appropriately and he can choose to do good things in the future.

See the Other Content section below for the political and LGBT related messaging.


Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures - Language - Picture of Nubs and Lys recoiling while Kai plays the flute


There's no swearing in this series.

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures - Fears - Picture of a fearful robot that Kai, Lys, and Nubs help overcome his fear


There's a snowy blizzard where it becomes difficult to see and one character is briefly lost.  The children immediately propose a solution, and the storm is presented more like a problem that needs solved rather than something scary.

The episode on overcoming fear is about a robot who is afraid to fly through an asteroid field because he wrecked the last time.  It's a good way to approach the topic without instilling fear in the viewer.

There's a few large creatures, and even one who temporarily eats the children's ship. However, they're drawn and presented in a way that they're no scarier than the very basic peril many other episodes have.

Taborr and his two pirate pals are recurring bad guys, but they're more like rivals than someone children would be afraid of.

There's no fires, clowns, scary darkness, kidnapping, or home break-ins.

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures - Family & Relationships - Picture of Taborr and his pirates bullying a citizen

Family & Relationships

Taborr is presented as a bully.  He bosses his crew around, he's selfish, and he meanly steals from the villagers.

There's no divorce, loss of a loved one, sexual content, sneaking out, or running away.

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures - Other Content - Picture of Nash's lesbian parents (mom and mamma) waiving

Other Content

Jedi in the Star Wars universe can manipulate things with their mind using the force.  To study and/or use the force the children must concentrate, which can involve things like closing their eyes, holding out their hands, or meditating.  The Star Wars universe typically refers to the Jedi as a religious order.

The children are often shown training swordsmanship skills with their lightsabers, and on a few occasions they use them to fight Taborr.  No one is injured.

On one adventure it is discovered that a logger is harvesting trees and turning them into valuable lumber.  The children are upset that he's chopping down the forest because creatures live there, so they set out to stop him.  They tell him he can't log any more, he becomes upset, and he specifically goes after the tree the creatures are living in.  The children then destroy his tree harvester.  Later, the Jedi say they'll plant more trees and the forest will be fine.  So instead of a lesson on not being greedy and being a good steward of our natural resources, the lesson imparted on children ended up being anti-logging and even anti capitalism.

In the first episode Kai, Nubs, and Lys meet child pilot Nash and they quickly become friends.  Nash is in all but a couple of adventures, and she mentions her parents during many of them.  In episode 2 Nash's parents, two women who are presumably lesbians, are shown several times.  The word lesbian is never used, instead the concept is conveyed to the viewers by Nash referring to them as "my moms" in addition to calling one "mom" and the other "mamma".  Here's some clips I assembled so you can see for yourself.  Children have no business being exposed to LGBT material, yet Disney continues to do it (Lightyear, Beauty and the Beast, Strange World). 

There's no time travel, intense feelings invoked, or evolution.

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures - Series Content Review - Picture of Kai, Lys, and Nubs with their lightsabers


Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures is a fun show for little children that teaches them many great lessons.  Unfortunately, including lesbian parents poisons the entire show and makes it unfit for children.

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