Dr. Seuss' The Grinch (2018) - Movie Content Review

Dr Seuss The Grinch - Content Review - Picture of grinch scared

Sometimes a few spoilers are necessary to properly discuss the content of the movie

In this adaptation of Dr. Seuss' classic, the Grinch is a grouchy Christmas hating member of society who lives alone and finally decides Christmas has gone too far.  He hatches a plan to squash Christmas celebrations by stealing everything related to Christmas.  Meanwhile, little Cindy Lou Who is trying to figure out how to get her special message to Santa.

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This movie has a very strong pro family message.  Fred the reindeer (a hilarious character your kids will love) has a family he loves.  Throughout the entire movie Cindy Lou is trying to figure out how to talk to Santa so she can ask him to help her mom in lieu of getting toys.  There's countless other positive family interactions shown in the movie too.

It's discovered that the Grinch hates Christmas because it made him feel alone when he was an orphan and all the other kids had families.  The solution to his hurt was becoming a close friend, almost like family, to the Whos.  This further reinforces the pro family message, but it also provides a nice discussion point with your children about how unresolved hurts can spill over into other areas.


Dr Seuss The Grinch - Language - Picture of Fred pulling Grinch's sleigh


There is no swearing in this movie.

Dr Seuss The Grinch - Fears - Picture of Cindy Lou Who reaching for a letter


The Grinch in this movie is some kind of green fictional creature, but he's depicted as a grumpy person and not as a scary monster.

By nature of the story, the Grinch breaks into homes via the chimney and steals all their Christmas presents and decorations.

There are no storms, fires, clowns, scary darkness, strong villains, or kidnapping.

Dr Seuss The Grinch - Family & Relationships - Picture of the Grinch at a Christmas party with the whos

Family & Relationships

Cindy Lou Who lives in a single parent household and the reason her father isn't around is never stated.  However, her Christmas wish is for Santa to help her mom, because her mom works so hard and does so much for others.  Her mom is also seen in many scenes being overwhelmingly busy and exhausted trying to work a job and take care of Cindy and her twin little brothers.  So while the movie doesn't state why it's a single parent household, it certainly draws a lot of attention to it.

The Grinch does exercises in shorts that say "Go Time" on the butt and a close up is shown in a short scene.

There is no loss of a loved one, sneaking out, running away, or bullying.

Dr Seuss The Grinch - Other Content - Picture of Fred with whipped cream coming out his nose

Other Content

There is no magic, but there's a lot of silly Dr. Seuss type contraptions.

A choir follows the Grinch around town singing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and the end of the song "Silent Night" is sung.

There is no strong violence, time travel, politics, evolution, LGBT, or scenes invoking intense feelings.

Dr Seuss The Grinch - Content Review - Picture of the Grinch being grumpy while laying in bed


Dr. Seuss's The Grinch is a really clean movie with a great message.  It'll be enjoyed by young children since the Grinch isn't scary, Fred the reindeer is hilarious, and Cindy Lou wonderfully represents the hilarity of a small child's mind; meanwhile, it's also enjoyable by older kids and adults watching alongside their children.


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