Treasure Planet - Movie Content Review

Treasure Planet - Content Review

Sometimes a few spoilers are necessary to properly discuss the content of the movie

When Jim stumbles upon a map for the legendary Treasure Planet, family friend and astrophysicist Dr. Delbert offers to fund their expedition to find it.  After befriending the ship's cook, Jim gets caught in the middle of a mutiny when the crew decides to take the map for themselves.

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Treasure Planet - Prime Video


 Treasure Planet doesn't have an overall message, it's simply a fun adventure story.


Treasure Planet - Language


There are no swear words in this movie.

Treasure Planet - Fears


Jim's home is broken into while they are inside, and as he escapes it is set on fire.  There's a supernova that draws a lot of parallels to a sea storm, and a planetary explosion that draws parallels to a volcanic eruption.  The good guys are captured by the bad guys and tied up.

The pirate crew is made up of aliens and a couple of them may be scary to small kids.  They're quite mild compared to what we see in a lot of modern movies, so I don't think most children would find them too scary.

There are no clowns, strong villains, or scenes prompting a fear of the dark.

Treasure Planet - Family & Relationships

Family & Relationships

There's a scene describing Jim's father walking out on them when he was young.

There is no loss of a loved one, sexual content, sneaking out, running away, or bullying.

Treasure Planet - Other Content

Other Content

While there's not explicit time travel, there's a couple instances of portals being used that may confuse kids who haven't been exposed to the idea of them before.

Treasure Planet has a lot of futuristic tech/magic: pirate looking ships fly through space with solar sails, gravity can be turned on and off, robots are sentient, and there's alien creatures.

Treasure Planet - Content Review


I find Treasure Planet to be a fun take on a classic tale.  There's very little to object to, and there's no lesson to learn.


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